ZOOM - Film Screening: Palestinians in Lebanon

Date: Samstag, 5. Juni 2021 18:00

Venue: ZOOM

Palestinians in LebanonPALESTINE MUSEUM US

screening of the film "Life in the Shadows: Palestinians in Lebanon ",

directed by Bahiya Namour

The film screening will be followed by a discussion with the audience..


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About the Film

In 1948 hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their homes because of the Nakba - the Catastrophe - the founding of Israel. Many became refugees in neighboring Lebanon. Most Palestinians retain the hope of retuning home one day. But more than seven decades later the refugee camps have become part of the landscape of Lebanon. Over a quarter of a million Palestinians still live in the twelve UN-registered refugee camps and the 42 so called “gatherings” across Lebanon. Their rights to work and owne property are limited by Lebanese law. This is the story of their predicament from their perspective.


Palestine Art Week 2021

We would like to thank all our friends who donated to the Museum in support of Palestine Art Week 2021 programming. Your support is much appreciated and inspires us to reach for higher goals for next year.

We are working on a video archive of all the recordings of the week and we will publish it when ready. In the meantime and in response to the many requests we received here is a list of links to many of the event recordings accessible on our Facebook page (PalestineMuseum.US) - Please note that you do not need to have a FB account to view the recording. Please stay tuned for our "Save the Dates" announcement about Palestine Art Week 2022. Opening ceremony. This one has the re-singing of the Urgent call by Zeinab Sha’ath.  Film discussion (Al-Nakbah by Rawan Damen) The Palestine Thobe Project

5/16 Opera Singer Miriam Tamari  Discussion of Al-Nakba history part 2 with Rawan Damen Performance by oud player Ronnie Malley

5/17 Artist talk with Sliman Mansour Conversation with Suad Ameri, writer and architect Cooking with Chef Sami Tamimi

5/18 Artist talk with Nabil Anani Film discussion of Tel-ez-Zaater

5/19 Artist talk with photographer Rania Matar Post screening discussion of the film The Fifth War with Monica Aurer

5/20 A conversation with writer and publisher  (Romman Literary Magazine) Saleem Albeik (Paris) Post performance discussion of the play “The Shroud Maker”

5/21 The Freedom Theatre (Jenin) presentation/performance Post screening discussion with Nour Alghussein main character of the film Between Two Crossings"



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  • Samstag, 5. Juni 2021 18:00


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Mobile app to locate and learn about Palestinian localities destroyed during, and as a result of, the Nakba since 1948.

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