Virtual Tour: Battir

Date: Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020 20:00

Visit Battir

Throughout the month of July we will hold Virtual Delegations to visit Battir with:

                               Hassan Fayrouz SharqawiAdvocacy Coordinator with Grassroots al-Quds

Hassan Muamer, Environmental Advocate and Engineer from Battir

Join us to explore Battir and learn about its connection to the wider Jerusalem context


This is part of a Virtual Delegation Series from Eyewitness Palestine.  Each Virtual Delegation will include:
- Small sessions - with a maximum of 35 participants
- Video footage from the location in Palestine/Israel

- Open discussion time with the host and Eyewitness Palestine Staff
- Ability to interact fully with the host, other participants, and Eyewitness Palestine Staff

We are asking for each participant to pay on a sliding scale: $25 - $75




All Dates

  • Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020 20:00