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Datum: Donnerstag, 4. März 2021 19:31

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Dear friends,
Manchester PalestineThere is lots of information below about the action and details of how to join the webinar. 
We hope you can join us and find out more about Oldham Peace and Justice and our continuing campaign. 


"Elbit Out of Oldham" with Palestine Action and XR North - Why we are taking action

Swiss time 19.30 to 21.00
Click here to register for the event with Zoom"

With speakers from Extinction Rebellion North and Palestine Action who recently took part in the occupation of the Elbit Ferranti Arms Factory in Oldham + Eye witnesses from Gaza.
Hosted by Oldham Peace and Justice and supported by Manchester PSC Manchester Palestine Action and Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine
In the early hours of Monday 1st February in a first-time collaboration, members of Extinction Rebellion North and Palestine Action occupied the Elbit Ferranti Arms Factory in Oldham and daubed the front of the 6 storey arms factory with red paint. They blockaded all entrances and the eight activists were arrested. The action received widespread support including from Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters and the national Extinction Rebellion group. See below for the news reports from around the world on the action.
Elbit is Israel's largest arms manufacturer, providing over 80% of Israel's military drones which are used to patrol and regularly bomb Gaza and the rest of Palestine. Elbit also produces illegal weapons like white phosphorous, provides surveillance drones against refugees, as well as the sinister simulation technology such as that produced at the Oldham factory, which teaches pilots how to bomb targets by using simulations from the Israeli military’s shelling of Gaza. Elbit Systems UK has established an extensive presence in the UK over the last 16 years opening 10 sites in England and Wales, including four weapons factories. Ferranti Technologies in Oldham was bought by Elbit Systems in 2007 for £15 million. Weapons parts produced by Elbit Ferranti include intelligence gathering systems for drones. 
On the Webinar the groups will give the lowdown on their actions and how you can get involved. We can contribute in many different ways towards the campaign against Israel's arms trade, which profits by "field-testing" their weapons on the Palestinian population, who for over 70 years have been imprisoned and occupied by the Israeli army. 
For now you can send donations for legal support for the protesters here: Donate - Palestine Action
Below are reports, Videos and Photos from the recent action at Elbit Ferranti in Oldham - in total there were over 50 news reports online.


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