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My name is Razan Zoubi Zeidani and I am seeking funding to do my Masters in Architecture in Venice, Italy starting at the beginning of October 2022. Continuing my studies will help me gain more knowledge in order to continue and extend my work preserving and enhancing Nazareth city’s special architecture which is under continual threat from being erased. 


I'm a Palestinian Architect from Nazareth, where I grew up having a great sensitivity and passion towards the rich culture and architecture of my city.  4 years ago I established my first Architecture studio “ Mozayan” in the center of the old city of Nazareth.

The studio’s vision is finding the balance between architectural preservation and contemporary modern designs. By rehabilitating an abandoned historical shop, and  transforming it into a living space, the studio became a great inspiration which led other local young people (especially women) to come to the Old City and start their own career. 

Art & culture are a core part of the formation of my identity and my approach to completely rely on the local Arab community in my work, is pioneering and rare. My passion and determination drove me to establish a cultural architecture and artistic project between Ramallah and Nazareth, partnering with “ Riwaq center” one of the leading centers in the culture and architecture field  in Palestine inspiring hope in our local societies again.


Historically, Nazareth was considered the center of the north region of Palestine, on the commercial level (the old city market), administration, health and on the educational level. Today, after the  centralization of the city was shifted to the new Jewish settlement that was built on its historical land,  the city is under threat of losing its architectural and cultural identity.After facing frequent traumas the citizens fear for the demise of our architectural heritage after the disappearance of its merchants and craftsmen in the Old City market. Nowadays Nazareth is being targeted for the “Israeli settlement project” that aims to Judaize the Palestinian city transforming it to mixed city with a goal to erase its narrative and cultural identity, starting by buying Palestinian properties in the Old City and interfering in its Conservation and preservation projects especially  there are no Architect in the Arab communities who are specialized in preservation. 

There have been many obstacles and challenges on the way, yet we have confronted them with rational minds, strong will, and dedication to the vision of studio Mozayan. These challenges became motivation that developed  responsibility towards our local communities to reclaim and celebrate our forgotten city legacy and its special architecture, by increasing our critical thinking and re- imagining our cities again for our younger generations.


The academic program I am planning to undertake focuses on regeneration and conservation of historic buildings and cities.  This will help mespecialize in this profession and as a result become a stronger influencer and a decision maker specialized in this field. For more details about theprogram outline you can click here:

I always pay it back and pay it forward. I am a part of a vast network that consists of different organizations and youth groups and it will be my mission after graduation to help our local expertise in this crucial and expanding field, to better merge between innovative ideas and preservation in architecture design, focusing on cultural artistic projects that will enrich my Arab communities. Because of the exclusion of the Arab architectural heritage within the historical Palestinian cities, in the educational agenda at the faculties of architecture in Israeli universities, which aims through their graduates to erase Arab architecture. Therefore, after completing my studies I wish to establish my own art and architecture residency center,  in a restored 18th century mansion, aiming to become part of  Nazareth’s revival in the art & design fields focusing on culture and identity. The targeted audience includes young women and men from the fields of art and design, both practioners and researchers interested in cultural identity in general and architectural identity in particular. Providing a space where these like minded people can come together will support their work, hopefully leading to further implementation and integration of projects, at the local, Arab and international levels.


I aim to secure my tuition fees, travel and visa and life expenses, for this upcoming 2 years of my study journey.

I need a total of $40,000 to be able to join the Architecture postgraduate academic program 2022 at Univesita’ Iuav di Venezia. My personal contribution will be $15,000 the remaining amount I need to raise is $25,000. 



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